7 Ways to build Your Presence

Have you flopped in a job interview any time? Or have you kicked of from the group discussion sometime?I know everyone faced such type of situations in the life for at least once.

Presence is all about the trusting yourself, your real honest feelings, abilities and values. This is very important if you do not trust yourself or your values and abilities, how you can expect others trust you? Presence is all about the confidence but without arrogance, it is enthusiasm but not the desperation.

Gaining presence in life is important thing, and mostly this can be achieved by being yourself rather than someone else. Presence means bringing forward your genuine, authentic self. It is commitment to what you do.If you say one thing, but your face and body say another. People notices such insincerity because body language cuts across all nationalities and cultures. Bringing best out of you is one point you can make to have your presence.

Here are seven ways to Bring Presence in your life:

1) Acknowledge Your True Self and Core Values

If you want a presence in your life, first thing, do acknowledge your true self and core values.Behave accordingly. Do not try to sell the things that you do not like, or do not believe in it. You do not need to be someone else, you just need to be yourself. You should also ignore about what people thinks. You have to present yourself as yourself.  Presence comes and goes, you should learn how to get it, learn to embrace your faults as well.

Defining yourself is main key elements in our life.Understand your zone. Analyze your life,when you are most happiest and when you are more productive. What are your main strengths and list down all. Review this and then believe in yourself. When you are sure that these are my strengths then make them as your values.Once you have identified your values based on the strength, prepare for the presence.

Suppose you want to face job interview then prepare for the interview with real questions that may be asked. Consider the toughest questions that may be asked and then find out the answers, research the role and industry. Be prepared and you should be able to clear the interview clearly.

2) Presence Skills

Remember people will value you only after they trust you, your abilities will come later.You have to create your presence first. Use below simple techniques to build your presence.

  • Do not have the urge to talk first, first listen from others.
  • Understand what is important for them while they are talking.
  • Listening actively is building your trust with other party.
  • Do not interrupt them directly, however look for the openings where you can pitch in to discuss.

Following these above techniques, you will notice that people will listen to you more actively in return. So it is not always listening and listening only you have to acknowledge it and being true to yourself.

3) Don’t be an Imposter

Do you feel like cheated or fake some time? Like you get a sense that people don’t get what is expected out of you. You will not achieve presence while feeling a cheat. Many successful people in their life has this feeling at some point of time. This feeling can reduce the internal feeling of the rewards.  It becomes doubtful when you feel that you are successful because you are earning the money by doing the things you love, the more you succeed, however such type of feeling can make you more undeserving.

Just understand that as you can’t always achieve presence, but also you can’t completely escape the imposter feeling. You have to understand that all the peoples who are successful in their life has this feeling. So analyzing this feeling will help you to manage your anxieties

4) Presence and Power

Power is the one thing in life that will boost your presence. Power is not about the power over other peoples, it is about your personal power.Personal power can bring safety, Control and openness to the opportunity. If you feel powerless then it brings threat and risk in your life.  Confidence to take decisions comes from the power.Following are the things that can increase your personal power:

  • Follow your own path with your own interests and values
  • Stick to your values and that will earn you the social power and status.
  • Be with yourself, do your work in the sense of responsibility.

When you are with your personal power, people will also come with you, even if they are disagree with you. Personal power will generate creativity in you, much control of yourself and feeling that you are capable of best thinking and work.

5) Push Yourself

Feelings of powerfulness will push you to greater presence. Push or nudge yourself whenever possible.Small or subtle push can have insightful impact on people’s behaviors and choices. To do this, think of the time when you were in control and personally powerful. This memory will put you in a confident, open the perspective frame of mind which is need for presence. Before performing any work, push yourself into the powerful personality mind, and you will see the greater results. This is power of personal to achieve the success.

6) Avoid Slumped Shoulders

When you feel physically shrink? It is the time when you are powerless. Being Powerless will get you in small gestures and short bearings. Notice that when women is powerful or confident then their gestures, expressions and share of the conversations equal to that of men’s. When both women and men make themselves feel powerful by taking their share of space and speaking their minds.There is other point to consider, being powerful does not mean you should try for dominant behaviors. People does not loves who prominently display dominance. Consider example, a job applicant who use dominant body language and prolonged eye contact at interviews likely not to get hired.

To improve your positive outlook, learn about the controlled breathing techniques. It reduced the blood pressure and other yoga techniques, as Yoga is very powerful and you can easily realize it benefits. Regular yoga will make you relaxed.

7) Body Languages

How many times you feel comfortable physically when appearing for an interview? While having discussion within the groups how much physical space you occupy?

Remember when you fold your arms, you mind closes, you becomes fearful and no one will trust you.

What benefits your perfect body language can give you:

  • You confidence grows which will grow your higher level thinking
  • Prepare your body and mind for presence.
  • Nudge your brain to achieve the confidence you needed.
  • Feels powerful, synchronizes your thoughts.

Use below techniques to improve your body language:

  • Assume a “Power Pose” by opening your stance and broadening your gestures.
  • Sit up straight with your legs apart and put your hands on your hips.
  • Raise your arms in victory when needed.

Practical presence is much needed if want to bring everything you have in any situation.Strike a power pose before your important meeting, If you are unable to do it physically then imagine doing it.While in meeting do not sit like gorilla back, it must be straight one and control breathing.

When you are a presenter or speaker, have the open gesture and pause regularly. Practice regularly of this before having the meeting or any presentation, when you practice you will get comfortable with practical presence.

Build your Hip Flexors

What are thoughts about presence? What are the techniques do you use for powerful presence?

Your thoughts and feedback are welcomed, please post in comments section below.

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