7 Things to Remember While Walking

Do you have the habit to walk in the morning or any time in a day? Do you walk alone or with your best mate? For how much time do you walk?I know you must be having answers like  walking regularly, walking often and some of you might not be getting time to walk.

Those who are walking are self motivated for their health, or your doctors have advised you to walk. Whatever may be the reason, however walking is very important in our life. Your health advisors can tell you hundreds of benefits of walking. You may love that reason or may not.

Here are the 7 things you can remember while you are walking. I prefer to walk alone and that has benefited me a lot in many ways. I hope this will benefit you and preferably. walk for at least 10 minutes a day.

1) Be in Mindset, controlled Mindset

Before you start you’re walking, be in a controlled mindset that for next ten minutes I will be getting most out of it. Say some of the line with you like “I love walking”. “This is the best exercise I do”. Walking will help me to gain the energy for the entire day.  Walking will stabilize my blood pressure and health. Controlled mindset can give you the benefits that you never thought of.

2) Walking to be with self, no Talking, no Music

While you are walking, keep in mind that you wanted to be with you only, do not talk with others if you are walking. This will help you to concentrate on your walking. This will surely help you to get the results much faster than if you are talking. Some people loves to have headset with their favorite music on. This will surely distract your mind and will divert you from achieving your health results.

3) Observe new things outside -trees, flowers and birds.

One more important thing, is how and what you observe while you are walking. I prefer to walk over the green lawns surrounded by the trees and flowers in the garden. While I walk, I observe the trees, birds around me, and the flowers which are there around. You will learn lot many new things and life lessons from these trees, birds and flowers. If you see flowers, learn that they never expect anything in return. They always gives whatever they have like the fragrance, the presence and the freshness. No one will be disappointed with the flowers. Observe the trees, birds singing over there. If you walk at early morning between 5 to 6 am in the morning time, you will hear that lovely tweets from the birds. Go and make a habit to wake up early and walk.

4) Split the Walking – straight and cat-walk

Splitting your walking is one more important points to make, if you decide that you will walk for 6 Kilometers every day, then split your walking. May be 3 Kilometers walk straight with normal speed and then for the next 3 kilometers make a cat-walk. This will burn your fats as this will pressurize your abdomen and will surely lose your fats.

5) Do not Count Steps, Cover the distance

Never count your steps while you are walking, this will distract your mind and will not benefit you as much you expect. When you are not concentrated on your task, then mind that you will not get the results. The same case is related to walking.  You have

6) Breathe properly

Walking is a process and breathing is recipe to your health. To have the good result you must need proper recipe. While you are walking, have the breathing properly. Maintain steady walking and breathing at steady rate. May be you can try when you take first step then breathe in and for the next step breathe out.  Initially this will be difficult, however by practicing this you will see the results in few days.

7) Enjoy

Last and important thing is enjoyment. You have to enjoy the walking, learn that as walking will be helping you to build your health then learn to enjoy it as well. Follow the simple steps you love in the last stage of your walking, like passing some jokes to your fellow walkers, laugh for some silly jokes, some crazy things. If you enjoy the things you do, you will see the results much faster. So love walking and keep walking.


What are your thoughts on your WALKING?

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