7 Principles for Successful Life

Have you ever wondered about how some people are successful in their life, or you wanted to be successful in your life, Yes everyone wanted to be successful in their life. Successful Life – each and every individual has separate definition of success, for one it is to achieve fame, for one it is to about money or some can just say about the life satisfaction in terms of different parameters may be happiness, health or family time etc. However whatever your opinion about Successful Life, no one can ignore that you do not want it, yes everyone want it, How one can achieve it and what all it takes to achieve the Successful Life.

Here are the 7 techniques that you should learn if you want successful Life:

1) Dream big and Set Goals:

If you have the goal or ambition in your life, then its start point for you to your success. Learn to dream first, You can have these dreams big one but also realistic. Once you know your dreams, then you can plan your goals. Set the goals which are realistic.

Realistic by means, it should have realistic figures like “I will earn $100K sales in this year for XXX product” not like, “I will earn lot of money in this year”. This way the realistic figures will motivate you keep focused towards your goal. So keep dreaming, set goals and stay focused. One of friend is having dream, to tour Switzerland once in a life. Because he loves the natural beauty there.This is big Dream and if worked hard will lead to Successful Life. So set the Goals NOW.

2) Habits/Hard work:

Nothing comes in one day or in a week, if you want to be successful in life then it needs hard work. Also some good habits need to be maintained. Plan for the habits that will take you towards your goal, and this should be started immediately, the more you delay the more it will be a gamble. Make some good habits like suppose if you want to stay fit, then make sure you plan it every day to do some exercise and follow that.

Initially you will not see the results but that will come after few days or months.They are bound to come, you have to be patient and always keep the doing the things. Plan your good habits NOW

3) Motivation:

An important factor in life, what are the points you see that tells your every time, GET UP, do this now, and you want success in life. For everyone motivation is different, here are some of the examples which can be the motivation, my old friend has a motivation about buying a car, because when he was kid(poor kid), a rich man hit him and insulted, because he touched that luxury car, that factor had made his mind and always motivated to work hard to achieve that results. So find your motivation you will have one or many. Stay focused and get your success. Find your reason for motivation NOW.

4) Action, Do it Now

“Do it now or never”Successful Person has this in mind, because only when you start then only you will get to know what is working and what not. If you just keep thinking and thinking about the success but does not dare to act then you will not smell the success in life, mind it. Initially may be you are not sure about the results , but keep in mind that every action you do you will get a learning out of it.If you are failed in it, then also it will give something positive out of it. Positive learning is very much needed in our life. So Act NOW, Do it NOW.

5) Positive Mindset

How much positive are you about in life? Why Positive mindset matters for Successful life? It matters a lot, if in your life you are not getting the results you wanted that means you are missing something.  You need to understand, WHAT it is? People always say it is very hard or in this competitive era, but you have to be very patient, positive. Remember Thomas Edison, before he invented a bulb, he had failed thousand times. Still he was saying that he learned 1000 ways that are not working. What a positive mindset and that is why he having Successful Life!! These all comes from positive attitude, your view looking towards the life. Stay positive and you will see the results. Build your Positive Mindset NOW.

Here are below things you can do to build your Positive Mindset:

  • Analyze your Past mistakes, observe what Positives came out of it.
  • Learn to build Positivity from some inspirational books.
  • Read at least one motivational line every morning when you wake up.
  • Get surrounded by Positive environment,stay away from negative min

6) Dedication

Have you observed any of the successful person in your life? What is common characteristic for them? It is the dedication, whatever the situation they remain dedicated towards their goal.They work hard towards the goals they have set. One of my friend runs a successful business, when I checked why he is so successful. When I analyzed, first thing I noticed, is his Dedication. He has fixed schedule for his work, he stick to it. Sometime if he misses anything then somehow he manages to do it in on the same day by working some extra hours, but he will do that on the same day, that is the dedication he is having in his business, that is dedication we want in our life, if we wanted to be successful. Dedicate yourself NOW to your GOAL.

7) Honesty

Honesty-most important Principle, you have to very honest not to others, but with yourselves. That means, if you say that you will do an exercise for 30 minutes early morning, then you have to it. No one is there to check your time, it is you who need to measure. If you are honest about your life, your actions, then remember no one can get back to you from achieving the success. Honesty is such a principle in life,if you have it, then remember you will not need any of sleeping pills in your life to get a good sleep. Whatever you are working you will get the results. This may not be immediately but slowly but you will see the results. You will see the people around you, who are fake, using shortcuts or wrong path in life to get the success.Besides this remember that is not success, if you are playing with life, you have to pay for it in later stages of the life by different ways. So be honest in your life and earn the successful life. Make Honesty as a Practice in your Life NOW.

What principles you follow to achieve successful life? What are the challenges you are getting?

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