7 Principles for Healthy Relationship

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Are you in relationship now, or planning to have soon? The very most question comes in the minds of the people that how relationship stays for a longer time. You must have seen some of the couples live for only 1 or 2 years and get split, and some of the couple lives for a lifetime happily. Remember when in relationship you are not alone, it is two souls making the one. If you understand this then remember you will love and live forever together.

To strengthen your relationship here are the 7 groundbreaking rules that you must follow to enjoy Healthy relationship.


1) Love and tune ups every day

Love a perfect ingredient in any healthy relationship, you must possess the love with your partner. Love is the ultimate need for everyone, we need to have that affection with the person with whom we want to live forever. Our mindset should be like that, yes this is the person with whom I enjoy each and every moment, and whatever be the situation we should understand that we both cannot live without each other. Build tuning with each other, understand the good things about partner, and love about it. This can be a smile on his/her face, any expression you love or the comments he/she made day in and out. Identify few positive points about your partner. Fall in love for this small aspects about life and you will cherish your life forever.

2) Respect & Trust

How you can respect the person, it is obviously, the love and trust. Respecting each other is true love. Respect can be increased by appreciating the person, his/her decisions, understand the problems, helping to solve the problems together. Think of a situation in your life, how many times you have respected your partner’s decision. To earn the respect, first learn to respect the partner.Research shows that a Respect is a big pillar in maintaining healthy relationship.

3) Remember Birthdays, Anniversary

The special Days, you should remember these days,because these days comes once in a year and have all the emotions attached to it. Have some surprise things for him/her. May be you can take her out for the dinner surprisingly. Spent some time in a coffee shop and look into him/her eyes. Talk about the past memories like when you proposed him/her, about your first meet. Remember this will surely refresh your mind, you will love those moments, because such moments will be cherishing you all the time and most importantly learn to enjoy the moment.

4) Go for vacations once in a year

Most enjoying and stress free time in our life are vacations. If this vacations are with our dear ones then believe me it will be your moments of life. Take at least two weeks of vacations every year, and go for holiday tour. This time will get you more closer with your dear ones. Work is all time, sometimes due to work pressure we are not able to give the time in daily life. So for this the solution is of vacations, tour new places, have some adventure trips you will learn the life and maintain the healthy relationship.

5) Anger, Avoid it at any Cost

Anger is relationship killer, anger make you self-absorbed and will not allow to you see the positive things. If you are unhappy with your partner, then just do not get angry immediately. Be calm for some time and be with you for some time and then discuss with your partner about the things going on. This will surely relieve you and will make the life easier.

6) Help Each other

Do  you help each other? Helping is very important. Help is not only about the helping in day-to-day work, this is also required. But the important help is like sometimes your partner is in a situation where he/she needs emotional support to take the decision at personal or professional level. Be a true guide in such situations, discuss the problems with each other. This will strengthen your bond towards healthy relationship.

7) Remember positive things, forget the mistakes

Do not reiterates or say the mistakes of your partner in public or with your friends at any cost. However discuss the positive points in the public. Discuss the mistake in person alone with your partner only. Discuss how these mistakes can be avoided in future. The good points/positive points about the partner you should be saying more and more because this will make sure that your partner gains a confidence and trust on you. Eventually it is all about the love and care.


What are your thoughts on healthy relationships? Do you see any challenges in maintaining healthy relationship?

Please comments out here and let us know.

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