7 Principles to get out of your Comfort Zone

Are you comfortable or feel safe while doing the work you are doing without any challenges?

Or are you afraid of doing something new in your life?

If the answer is yes for both of these questions then understand that you are in the comfort zone, and make a point that you will not grow as expected in your life.

Comfort zone is that portion in our life,that we feel secured and feel safety while doing one particular activity. It can be a work your are doing right now, the business, or anything that you are doing. Coming out of this zone becomes fear for you or you are afraid of doing new things.

Understand that comfort zone is not beneficial to life, but it can be worse if you totally depend on it.

The more you break your comfort zone the more you will success in your life. Because every day when you see new challenges/new things to work, understand that you are growing personally. This will increase your confidence to face the challenges in life. You will learn from mistakes and be successful.

Here are the seven ways about how you can come out of your comfort zone.


1) Learn to adopt

Learn to adopt the things, suppose you are technical person, then try to learn a new technology so that it can be beneficial to you. Because there may be situation that your employer want you to do a job in that new technology. To adopt to any of the work, you have to keep learning and learning. When you are flexible to adopt to the things then you should not worry about comfort zone, it will be braked automatically.

2) Build a Mindset

Coming out of comfort zone is all about Mindset. If you have the right mindset then it would be very easy for you to come out of the comfort zone. Overcome the fear, that if I do this then I will fail. Just be bold have the strong mind and whatever new things you will try will come as success. Your prepared mindset will help you to grab the opportunity when it comes.

3) Go out of the way

Apart from your usual or fixed activity try something new. Suppose you are driving home from office by the route daily which everyone uses. On someday you go by a different route, it may happen that you will get to know the new route which is shorter or have less traffic. Do not afraid to take new opportunity. Every different path you take, will teach you the life lessons.

4) Learn from the successful People 

You need to learn from the people who are successful in your field. Suppose if you are salaried person and you wanted to start a passive income online, then you have to learn from the top online entrepreneur about how it works. Because as expert in the online field they can give more insights and learning for online income.By looking at these peoples success, you will be motivated. This will help you come out of the comfort zone.

5) What will Happen, Fail?

Ask this question to yourself when you try something new. In the worst case, you will fail, but understand that if you fail then at least one new lesson will be learned from this failure. Because if you observe the greatest personality in the world, they all have failed in their life at particular stage of life, but not giving up they have achieved the success. DO not take into account, about what people will think if you fail.

6) Find a Hobby and stay hungry to pursue it

Identify your hobby and learn to enjoy that, be a crazy and learn different ways to enjoy your hobby. By doing this there will be lot many things which will come your way which you might not aware.  Some positive points, some lessons you can learn from this and most importantly you will learn to enjoy the life.

This will surely help you to come out of the comfort zone.

7) Understand the risk

Identify the risk, when it comes to trying new things, you have to understand the risk as well, do not take too much risk which can cost you in future. Everything should be planned and you should have a backup plan as well, you can take help from others who are successful. So take calculated risks.

What all are your comfort zone? Did you tried to come out of your comfort zone?

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7 thoughts on “7 Principles to get out of your Comfort Zone

  1. Great article. I have been actively trying to get out of my comfort zone this year so these tips are very timely for me. My favorite is Number 5. The worst that could happen is that you fail and that’s okay too. I think that is important to realize.

  2. Love the ideas in this blog – getting out of your comfort zone is paramount for growth but is easier said than done. Inspiring read thank you 😊

  3. Getting out of one’s comfort zone is easier said than done, but it can be so worth it when you do. For me, creating my blog and my vlog literally shoved me out of my comfort zone, but I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences thanks to me trying something new. I love #5 because that’s always one of my fears, but even if I fail, I gain knowledge on what not to do next time!

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